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Eight Months have passed since I started my journey with TOBLOCKCHAIN and it has been an amazing and rich work experience. Not following the crowd, going to a start-up instead of an established company, offers many advantages if you dare to face a challenge. TOBLOCKCHAIN offers great learning experiences that are beyond measures across many different business and technology domains. You reap the success together as a team and most important of all, it is a LOT OF FUN.

work-day at the Smart Dubai Office blockchain challange

TOBLOCKCHAIN at the DUBAI 1776 office for the SDO Blockchain Challange


For me, Blockchain opens a whole new world of business models. I spent every day working on either use cases for clients, or preparing for Blockchain trainings or doing research on different technologies and it’s applications. This allowed me to gain a deep specialization in the application of Blockchain for enterprises and for the governments. Over time, several new use-cases for customers have been developed at TOBLOCKCHAIN. Thanks to our multi-disciplinary team of architects, business consultants and regulatory experts, the customers have really leveraged our team to the fullest. The diversity of use-cases on which we work for our clients brings constantly new challenges and that has offered me deep insight in to innovation, decentralization and lean startup approach.


Offering innovation services and trainings to customers is not the only thing we do at TOBLOCKCHAIN. Most of the time we are working on our own Blockchain based product called PowerToShare. It is an open source Blockchain based platform for the energy market on which every stakeholder can participate. It allows companies to sell their energy peer to peer, prove the origin of the energy and many more features. Working on Power to Share offers an incredible amount of experience from the development of the business model, finding partners and developing an implementation strategy. This is done in a very dynamic team with 40+ years of experience in IT architecture, 20+ years in business development and regulations.

World Trade Center the Hague

Monda WTC drinks

After work drinks

Our office is located in the political capital of the Netherlands, The Hague. More specifically, the world trade center (WTC) in the Hague. Here many national, multi-nationals and governmental institutions are located. Which gives us a unique position to be on call for our customers. But the WTC does not only offer a place to work. It is also a lot of fun with many amazing facilities. There are several restaurants, bars and cuisines. It also has a very nice gym, sauna for employees and other wellness offerings. My personal favorite is the cryosense cabin in which one will be surrounded by negative 175 degrees cold nitrogen gas. They say its great for your vitality and cell regeneration.
Additionally, being surrounded by many other companies in the WTC means there are constant networking moments and events. Grabbing a drink after work hours with colleagues or peers from neighboring companies is a norm. The positive environment at TOBLOCKCHAIN and the office building make it very easy to wake up in the morning to start another day at the office!


Finally, working at TOBLOCKCHAIN means you may actually get to be part of a human Blockchain. Literelly and figuratively speaking! During one of our company excursions where we visited an escape room, we were handcuffed together for almost half an hour.

Amaze-escape the Hague

Almost escaped from the KGB

A word of caution though, Working at TOBLOCKCHAIN is not always easy. There is a lot of work to be done and expectations are high. However, this is counterbalanced by complete freedom and a fun working environment where we as a team regularly do fun activities together such as escape rooms, dinners or spontaneous after work drinks. Additionally, personal time and hobbies are encouraged and valued. This builds an excellent work-life balance, which gives a fulfilling feeling to be part of the TOBLOCKCHAIN team.
The Core Team

A valuable experience

TOBLOCKCHAIN offers rich learning experiences and rewards through the diversified portfolio of tasks in the Blockchain innovation space. Learning, working hard and having fun are all closely connected at TOBLOCKCHAIN. So if you are fascinated by Blockchain, decentralization, reaping what you sow and enjoy a wide diversity of challenges, I strongly recommend you to consider applying for a position at TOBLOCKCHAIN. See you soon as one of the TOBLOCKCHAIN’ers!

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