Blockchain solutions

TOBLOCKCHAIN developed several blockchain solutions, blockchain platforms and applications.

PowerToShare, blockchain platform for the energy market

PowerToShare is TOBLOCKCHAIN’s own blockchain solution for today’s and tomorrow’s energy market. In this market, companies and consumers will work together in new, advanced business models. Business models like peer-to-peer trading of renewable energy where parties can settle energy transactions even on a per minute basis.

The requirements for such energy solutions are very demanding. Transaction volumes in the new energy grid are unprecedented. Data security and integrity become a top priority, while the declining cost level of renewable energy requires a low-cost transaction mechanism. Requirements which are fully met by the advanced and decentralized PowerToShare blockchain network. PowerToShare facilitates all upcoming market models in a very secure, extremely cost-efficient and highly sustainable way. As such, it provides the foundation for numerous new energy applications.

Blockchain applications

On top of our own PowerToShare platform – and also for other blockchain frameworks like Ethereum, HyperLedger and the Energy Web Foundation – TOBLOCKCHAIN developed blockchain applications and building blocks targeting specific market needs. Our current application portfolio includes:

  • Login with Self Sovereign Identity. This app allows end-users to login to services with their own ‘self-sovereign identity’. End-users keep full ownership and control over their identity information.
  • Mandate control. With this application customers can easily control which provider has access to their data and for which purposes.
  • Service Preference control. Using this application end-users manage their personal preferences for services they are subscribed to.
  • Proof of Origin certification. This provenance application transparently registers and guarantees the origin of products. The proof of origin can e.g. be used in creating new green energy certificates.
  • P2P sharing & trading is a simple, easy to use application for direct sharing or trading between consumers. They can for example share their own solar-panel generated energy with friends or neighbour
  • Service Insights is an application that collects and analyses service usage data (typically smart meter energy data). Via a beautiful, simple and powerful user interface, this application boosts customer trust through better insights in usage patterns.

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