Our marketing manager at TOBLOCKCHAIN, Wim Brouwer, recently participated in a podcast in ‘Outside Energy’, an Energy Executive Forum Podcast series. In these podcasts, kindly hosted by our partner DNV GL, executives from multiple industries and technology domains are interviewed to explore for a C-level audience how new technologies and concepts from outside the energy market can actually change the energy market. Topics vary from artificial intelligence and robotics to the sharing economy and blockchain technology. Wim was interviewed by Fred Surr to discuss the potential use of blockchain technology for the support of new energy sharing and trading models.
Listen to ““What exactly is blockchain and what does it have to do with energy?”” on Spreaker.
Topics covered were for example:

  • The New Energy Market and the need for a new way to make transactions. Where the traditional energy market is centralised and based on large producers – a very top down industry with basic administration behind it – now essentially everyone can become a producer of energy (for example with solar panels on your roof). We create a new, more decentralized energy market.
  • The kind of business models that can be thought of in the new decentralized market. From sharing energy between households in a community to trading energy between prosumers on a marketplace or even donating it to friends or family. From smart devices like a washing machine which decides on the best time to operate given data from the grid, towards charging your car during the day with electricity from your own rooftop 50 kilometer away.
  • How blockchain technology is key in facilitating the thousands of transactions per second that are required to facilitate these new business models. And all in a secure, fast, reliable and cost-efficient way. We also discussed how the applications which are part of the TOBLOCKCHAIN PowerToShare platform are actually implementing the various energy business models.

At TOBLOCKCHAIN we are always excited to share our ideas. We therefore highly appreciated the invitation from DNV GL to participate in this Energy Executive Forum Podcast series.