Five reasons I am proud of being part of the TOBLOCKCHAIN team

Many people ask me, Where do I get my energy from? How do I get up so early and keep going all day long? What is the source of my commitment in building one the most innovative companies in the Netherlands when it comes to Blockchain?

The answer is simple – I am proud of being part of the TOBLOCKCHAIN team and that pride is the source of my energy and commitment. Let me explain. At TOBLOCKCHAIN we are proud of what we do, how we do it and most important of all – why we do it. We believe that we can make a difference by creating breakthrough innovations using the power of Blockchain / Distributed Ledger Technology. For us it is about making a difference every day.

Here are the top five reasons that makes me proud of being part of an amazing team at TOBLOCKCHAIN

  1. Diversity:

    I believe that diversity is our biggest strength. It is also something that I am proud of. Here are some quick facts about the team composition

    1. 40 percent of the team is women, challenging the status quo everyday
    2. 90 percent of the team members are polyglots. This means they can speak 5 languages.
    3. The team has 4 nationalities and
    4. The team is spread across two continents.

Diversity at TOBLOCKCHAIN, Polyglot, Nationalities, Continents


P.S. The polyglot count did not include software languages like Java, Solidity, Python, GO…. ;).  This is what makes TOBLOCKCHAIN one those unique Blockchain startups that challenges the status quo.

  1.  Great place to work

    As I am slightly biased, I will say “We are the best place to work in the Netherlands, when it comes to startups and Blockchain”. But don’t take my word for it. Here is the link from my colleague Sebastian ten Berge, sharing his work experience and hinting why you should join TOBLOCKCHAIN. It gives me enormous sense of achievement when each and every member of the team is happy and committed. 

  2. Research and development

    We started the Blockchain journey with an open mind. We learned and experimented with as many Blockchain technologies as we could. Till date we have tinkered with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, IOTA, Multichain and underlying protocols (and systems) like IPFS, IPDB, uPort just to name a few. As early as October 2016, we built and re-built Hyperledger multiple times.

TOBLOCKCHAIN: Winning special prize at the worlds first Hyperledger Hackathon at ABN Amro Bank

  1. Community Sharing

    We are proud that we share our knowledge. Sharing knowledge in the community is vital to being part of it. We upstream our contributions and share our knowledge via talks, participating in Hackathons and building concepts that will improve the way we live and the way our coming generations will live.

TOBLOCKCHAIN: Winning the energy track in Dutch Blockchain Hackathon (500 people from 12 countries and 55 teams) (

  1. Building the Nation’s Blockchain competence

    According to research firm TNO, there are about 500 people required to build and run the Blockchain in the Netherlands. We are developing a large pool of Blockchain experts in the Netherlands by training some of the brightest minds on designing and implementing Blockchain solutions, deploying smart contracts and testing the newly released software.

TOBLOCKCHAIN offers Blockchain Trainings in Bitcoin, Hyperledger, Ethereum, Foundation and Advanced.


Together we have built a solid track record of growth and we have accomplished big achievements. Together we are making amazing contribution to the Blockchain eco-system in the Netherlands and globally. I am confident, that together we can build one of the best Blockchain companies in the world. I believe, together we can and we will create amazing breakthrough innovations that we all can be proud of, including the coming generations.